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Baikal Bike Trophy (2013)

dates August 18, 2013August 25, 2013
http://www.absolute-siberia.com/userfiles/file/pdf/Baikal%20Bike%20Trophy.pdf Siberia, Калифорния, Соединённые Штаты Америки [large map] 34.6273, -115.987
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EURASIA’s Only Cross-Country Bike Race on the Olkhon Island of the world’s deepest Lake Baikal!
4-th edition, “For preservation of clean water” series and within the Green Cup world series
Dates: August, 18 – August, 24, 2013

Baikal Bike Trophy event takes place every year in August on Olkhon Island – the largest island of the world’s deepest, largest and oldest freshwater Lake Baikal. The race is held over 6 days and includes a time-trial prologue of nearly 30 km and XCM races from 60 to 90,5 km, with nutrition and drink points, technical assistance provided. With some 7000 m of climbing, its massive and, probably, Russia’s most scenic cycling route, the Baikal Bike Trophy race around the Olkhon Island traverses through the land sections of various landscapes – from sand dunes and steppe with taiga-woods to rocks and gorges – in the premises of Baikal National Park accessible to the public for mountain biking. The climbs are not that high, although still reaching more than 1,000 meters, and are in some places a bit steep, often making for more spectacular racing.
Every year the organizers do their best to deliver an unforgettable mountain bike and Siberian travel-experience in the Baikal stunning environment. It has become a tradition that the riders and supporters in the Baikal Bike Trophy Race plant fir and cedar tree seedlings to help the island’s unique environment, every evening during the race events they hold briefings and lectures on nutrition, training and bike technology to provide insider ‘Baikal-specific’ knowledge, the video shot during each day of the race is shown, local folk lore entertainment is arranged, as well as camp fire that bringing together people of different nationalities provides for great opportunities of intercultural exchanges.
Male and female riders 19 years old and over, physically fit, able of pedaling for 7 hours through cross-country terrain are eligible to ride individually or in teams of two in the Baikal Bike Trophy. If you’re a first timer, seasoned pro or just out to have some fun we would love to see you experience bike racing on Olkhon Island of the Glorious Baikal! Recreational and family tracks of 15 and 10 km to local nature landmarks ( such as the Holy Mountain of Zhima) and archeological sites are available for those who may be new to mountain biking and who just want to enjoy the ride without the pressure of racing. Also offered are special pre-race and post-event tour packages as well as the supporter package allowing riders to bring along their supporters to share in their Baikal Bike Trophy one-of-a-kind experience.
The Baikal Bike Trophy will most likely to become one of cycling’s most important pilgrimages in Russia, at least, and we invite you to join us for many more years of racing. Race or ride on the sacred island of the local Buryat people, amidst tremendous energy grid of water that Lake Baikal holds…

Web registration is available. Opens on 2013-04-10. Closes on 2013-06-30.

Cross Country

Cost: from euro 995 to euro 1750 per person including start and registration fee in this 6-stage race
License: no
Course Description: http://www.absolute-siberia.com/userfiles/file/pdf/Baikal%20Bike%20Trophy.pdf


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